We provide ways to protect
your family's future income
and preserve assets.
Could your family
survive if your income
suddenly stopped?
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Life Insurance is the most effective and efficient way to provide immediate replacement for loss of family or business income and to preserve accumulated assets.


Disability Insurance is used to replace lost earned income as a result of not being able to work - typically due to an injury or illness.

Long Term

Long Term Care provides reimbursement for personal and custodial care, such as nursing home, residential, and community-based assisted living or at-home healthcare - none of which are covered by health insurance.


Fixed Annuities are CD-like investments issued by insurance companies. Like CDs, they pay guaranteed rates of interest, in many cases higher than bank CDs.

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Welcome to Levine Insurance Advisors

Welcome to Levine Insurance Advisors, where we pride ourselves in providing quality service and offer numerous choices for life insurance, disability and long term care coverage. Our quoting system allows you to get instant quotes and apply online right away from a choice of over twenty companies. For quotes on Whole Life (WL) or Universal Life (UL) please contact us at (888) 234-0532 and we will customize a quote for you within 24 hours.


Sample Monthly Rates

Below is a sample of monthly term life insurance premiums for $500,000 of coverage:

Male: 36 years old

10 years $15.29

15 years $17.50

20 years $23.98

25 years $36.64

30 years $42.25

Female: 36 years old

10 years $15.29

15 years $13.89

20 years $17.02

25 years $20.48

30 years $35.42

The above rates are subject to underwriting and may change.
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